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Sticky End


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  1. DNA end or sticky end refers to the properties of the end of a molecule of DNA or a recombinant DNA molecule. The concept is important in molecular biology, especially in cloning or when subcloning.
  2. noun Genetics, Biotechnology. a single-stranded end of DNA or RNA having a nucleotide base sequence complementary to that of another strand, enabling the two strands to be connected by base pairing: produced in the laboratory with the use of restriction enzymes for genetic engineering purposes.
  3. What is the definition of come to a sticky end? What is the meaning of come to a sticky end? How do you use come to a sticky end in a sentence? What are synonyms for come to a sticky end?
  4. If your oven temperature or timing is out, you can quickly come to a sticky end. Times, Sunday Times () First, bank chairmen who are too supportive of their chief executives can come to sticky ends. Times, Sunday Times ().
  5. May 04,  · In A Sticky End, Mitch must face the possibility that Boy is involved in the chain of events that led to the suicide of his own colleague and secret paramour, Frank Bartlett. To absolve Boy, Mitch races around London finding clues while bedding the many men eager to lend a hand -- or more.4/4(23).
  6. Dolly didn't come to a sticky end - because they don't make spare-ribs out of sheep. KEOGH the CAT; tall tales from the moggie world Like a second division Carry On, this starts daft, when one of the victims of the karahi killer comes to a sticky end when his stomach explodes all over a hospital emergency room.
  7. Sep 12,  · Sticky ends on the other hand are generated by a staggered cut and they have unpaired bases or overhangs at the 3′ and 5′ regions. These overhangs are useful during the ligation as they ensure proper joining of the fragments.
  8. The A Sticky End Noble Sauvignon Blanc screams the need to be accompanied with strong cheese and pate. Try it with a rich Saint Agur with fresh pear drizzled in raw honeycomb or with duck liver pate on toasted ciabatta with French cornichons. CELLARING POTENTIAL. 2 – 3 years.
  9. A sticky end ligation In molecular biology, ligation is the joining of two nucleic acid fragments through the action of an enzyme. It is an essential laboratory procedure in the molecular cloning of DNA whereby DNA fragments are joined together to create recombinant DNA molecules, such as when a foreign DNA fragment is inserted into a plasmid.

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